Our Curriculum


Children explore dance in both structured and improvisational activities. Motor skills, rhythm and strength are developed through age appropriate ballet technique, creative movement, rhythm exercises and the use of instruments and props. Ballet technique is introduced in the form of themed dances.

Students also develop social skills, classroom etiquette and ability to work within a group.

Preschool A is specifically designed for children between the ages of two and a half to four and a half.  Preschool B is for children four and a half and five years of age and includes beginning tap instruction.


Preballet classes are for six and seven year old students with or without prior dance experience. Formal ballet positions and elementary technique are covered, taking into careful consideration the physical growth and strength of the student. Basic jazz technique is also introduced.

More advanced and technical than the preschool program, the pre-ballet classes still provide students with a fun-filled, enjoyable approach to learning dance.


Placement in these classes are at the discretion of the Director. Students with prior dance experience will be evaluated prior to placement.


For children eight years and older, basic fundamentals of barre and center work are covered.  Care is taken to ensure students use correct body placement and alignment to avoid injury and develop strength.  Teachers strive to help studens understand the physical dynamic at work to enable a better grasp of the technique being accomplished.

The same technical concepts are applied to jazz technique.  A variety of styles are explored, including tradtional, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary.


Fundamentals in all techniques continue while more difficult steps are introduced.  Placement and strengthening are still highly emphasized.  It may require more than one year to complete any given level.


Level of difficulty gradually increases with more complex combinations and quicker footwork.  Ballet students begin preparation for pointe work depending on age, individual strength, length of study and ability.  Jazz and tap techniques develop with the same rate of progress.  Students are encouraged to attend class more than once a week in order to see progress at this level of training.


While the study of basic ballet is encouraged, we understand that many students have a desire to focus on Contemporary (lyrical) and Hip Hop instruction alone.  Classes are for children aged five (hip hop) and seven (contemporary) and older and are offered at the beginning, advanced beginning and intermediate levels.  These classes are progressive – students must join at a beginnner level unless they have had previous experience.  As in our traditional track, an emphasis will be placed on proper alignment and core strength.

Contemporary technique is a fusion of modern and jazz techiques.

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